Bikini Bod in 14 Days!

OK, so let's keep this real. Let's just say maybe you totally got sidetracked with your New Year's resolution and you were going to start losing weight and getting healthy last Monday and the Monday before and the Monday before. Now the birds are starting to chirp,  flowers are blooming and Old Navy has their shorts out.  I'm feeling you!!

Here's what I want you to know: It's OK,  It's fine, I get it.

TODAY is a new day!!  Let's take all that frustration, shame and guilt about not starting and TOSS IT!! TODAY we are going to jump start you! You like that sound of that?! I sure do!!!

Moving ON – I have the PERFECT easy button for you!

14 Day Detox

What the what is this?!

It's a simple plan that will get you back on track. We are going to eliminate some foods that don't serve you, and ADD the foods, minerals and nutrients your body is CRAVING!! We are going to make it SUPER EASY in a special package deal!!

Here's a glimpse at how we are going to JUMP START you with our 14 DAY DETOX CHALLENGE !

1. Water!!

Your body NEEDS it! Trust me on this. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Example: If you weigh 160lbs you will drink 80 oz of water. The best way to kick this off is chug a lug at least 12 oz first thing in the morning!

2. Rise and Shine detoxers

Need some energy to jolt you out of bed and keep you from "running late”?  Arbonne Energy Fizz will be your new best friend.

3. Arbonne's vegan protein shake

Replace 1 meal a day with this yummy shake! (get in my belly good!!) If you don't like to cook, or tend to grab and go at lunch, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND having 2 shakes a day!

4. Sensible healthy meal and snacks

I will have some really quick and easy recipes for you! And a TIP sheet if you like to eat out.

5. Absolutely no eating/binging after 8pm

This gives your body time to process and reset!


Please try and remove all electronic devices and go to bed! No mindless Facebook scrolling. Your body needs SLEEP! At least 7-8 hours of sleep a night! You will be AMAZZZED! Plus, you aren't dragging bootie in the morning!!

Ok friends.... Now you KNOW this is going to be simple and easy!! I just need you to COMMIT to giving your body a 14 day reset!!

  Let's do this!!