I may FALL but I will get back up... My story of a miracle 💕✌🏻

Today I sit in so much GRATITUDE. Soaking up the goodness of God. The past 6 months have been so completely life changing for me. As 2018 was coming to an end, I was praying for God to show me my “WORD” for the upcoming year. This is something that I have been doing for awhile ,and it is so cool to see how God speaks. Some years it has been hard words . JOY.. man that is such a tough one because it is learning how to have JOY during your mountaintop moments, and also JOY in the valley moments. The year of JOY for me was 2016. That will be another blog post on another day. OK FOCUS Gena, Back to 2019.. Ok.. OKAY.. OKURRR so I was in much prayer about my word for the year, and it kept coming to me in a PHRASE.. Everywhere I went, every sermon, every podcast the phrase “The Lord will direct your steps” was mentioned. So I was feeling pretty confident that the Lord was telling me that this was pretty important.

The Lord will Direct your steps … Photo creds…myself lol.. taken in Puerto Rico

The Lord will Direct your steps … Photo creds…myself lol.. taken in Puerto Rico

January 9th 2019 …I am out and about doing some errands , really just some shopping lol.. Anywho I am on the phone with my man and making dinner plans. I hang up my cell. As I’m leaving the store to get in my car, I missed the curb . It felt like my life went in slow motion. I knew that I was falling but I could not stop it. I tried to catch myself but alas my head and face hit the pavement . My arms went numb and the world was spinning. I was “Out of it” for just a few seconds. I was woozy, my face was on fire, my hands, both arms and knees were suddenly on fire and throbbing, I sat up and was just in shock that I had fell. The only one in the parking lot was a sweet elderly lady with her oxygen tank. She asked me if I was Ok and did I need ambulance. I finally sat up and was in so much shock trying to understand what happened. I had blood running down my face and hands. I didn’t think I needed an ambulance and felt like I could drive myself to the ER ( hindsight I had noooooooo business driving myself). I get in my car and sit there for a moment. The pain in my arms is so intense, and at this point I think I may have broken both my arms. I call my husband and tell him what has happened and to meet me at the ER. Bless him he was so confused and so scared because we had just been talking.

The 5 minute drive to the ER was excruciating. I was screaming the entire time and just couldn’t believe that this had happened. All the thoughts running through my head weren’t pretty .How did I miss the curb? How could I have been so careless? What am I going to do if both my arms are broke. I just remember praying so hard for the pain to be relieved and for me not to have done some bad damage to my body. Finally I arrived at the ER. My arms were starting to swell and I couldn’t even apply enough pressure to get my seatbelt unfastened. Luckily the ER had a valet attendant who helped me get out of the car and parked it for me. I didn’t have to wait very long to be seen . I’m sure my crying and moaning had something to do with it . The doctor assessed me in triage and started ordering xrays . Due to blacking out for a few moments and the big knot on the side of my head , He ordered a CT Scan to make sure no brain bleed . My xrays came back fine, although I wasn’t convinced my arms weren’t broken. They put my right arm in a splint as my elbow was swollen and I couldn’t get it in a comfortable position. We waited for awhile and finally a nurse practitioner came in. He said “your CT scan is back , no brain bleed but you do have a tumor. You need to follow up with a neurosurgeon.” I was like can you repeat that?! Y’all I was not expecting that at all . The hubby and I left shocked and scared. What had just happened?!

Pavement 1… Gena 0.. This was a few days after the fall. When I could bend my arm enough to take a selfie.

Pavement 1… Gena 0.. This was a few days after the fall. When I could bend my arm enough to take a selfie.

You know how things happen at just the most inconvenient time?! Well ….When this happened my parents were out of the country on a cruise . My husband was leaving town the next day for a wheelchair basketball tournament. My brother was also going out of town . My son was still living 3 hours away . I was home alone, scared and I was in so much pain. I couldn’t put any pressure on my hands ( if you’ve ever had shin splints, multiply it by a million and that’s how my arms were). I could barely feed myself as my elbows were so swollen that I couldn’t bend them. During this time I just had to rely on God to get me through . Satan was wreaking havoc on my mind and I was going through every worse case scenario. I had to capture each thought . Then I remembered my word/phrase for the year, and I laughed so hard. Yes GOD, you did direct my steps, right off the curb. Had I not fallen I would not have known about this brain tumor. Oh the stories I have heard of “accidents” that reveled something way bigger. Ya’ll I was so blessed that my women’s ministry team came and brought me food, they prayed for me and loved me so well. It is so wild looking back that 1 year ago I did not know these ladies and now they have become my best friends. Side note.. If you do not have a tribe of prayer warriors , PLEASE get connected with your local church.. My life has been so blessed by being connected.. ( another blog post about why that took me so long!)

I had a few obstacles but finally was scheduled for an MRI and appointment with my neurosurgeon Dr Tim Burson. I had seen him years ago for my lower back issue, but apparently you get kicked out of the system if you haven’t been seen in 3 years... AND my insurance company did not want to approve the MRI .Since I just had a CT scan. The doc had to request and get approved for the MRI ( which gives a better view and diagnosis for brain tumors). I went by myself and had my MRI. After I was finished I really was wishing that I would have taken the hubby or my mom. The MRI just emotionally drained me. The following day we met with Dr Burson. By this time I had already spent so much time researching Menigioma Brain Tumors . I knew all the good, bad and ugly but I wanted to hear from the expert! The location of my tumor sits right in the middle of my brain, so it affects both hemispheres. The official diagnosis was a parafalcine meningioma . He said that due to location and size that he would put me on the “Wait and Watch “ protocol. He felt that doing a biopsy would cause more problems and that 99% of these tumors are benign and slow growing. We felt comfortable with waiting.

But ya’ll know the waiting season is HARD. We all want instant gratification . So waiting 6 months to see what this tumor is going to do was challenging. I will tell you that this has changed my perspective so much. Things that used to worry and stress me out I simply just think they aren’t worth it. We are here for just a short time and life is fragile.I know that I am truly blessed. I could have easily gotten a very different diagnosis. My friend Katie has been going through a hard battle with brain cancer, chemo/radiation and several brain surgeries. So anytime I would start getting upset or my mind would be come anxious I would just think how truly blessed I am .

Fast Forward 6 months , and honestly it went by so much faster than you can imagine. I was scheduled for MRI and followup with Dr Burson on the same day. I wish that I would have videoed the look on the doctors face! He came in was like, your tumor hasn't grown… and with the biggest smile says …The report said “ what was PREVIOUSLY thought to be a meningioma now may SIMPLY BE a dural calcification”. He said basically you got a rock in your head and it should not grow or cause any issues. To be on the “safe side” we are going to repeat the MRI in one year… YA’LL the ONLY ANSWER to a changed diagnosis is ONLY GOD. I LOVE his sweetness and goodness for ME! And friends YOU can have it too! Just ask him in your heart to be Lord of your life, and develop an intimate relationship with him. I have seen plenty of miracles in nursing and in my life, this one was so amazing. Thinking back to my phrase for the year. He will direct your steps. You just have to let him. I am not saying that your going to fall off a curb, but TRUST there is always something bigger going on. God has a plan for my life and for yours. I want to spend mine telling everyone of HIS goodness, and that HE is STILL in the Miracle working business!

Date night with the hubs, CELEBRATING how GOOD GOD IS!!

Date night with the hubs, CELEBRATING how GOOD GOD IS!!

Let it Flow

My current mantra...You get what you give... So make it good ✌🏻 

You get what you give... make it good

You get what you give... make it good

 After the last few months, my emotions have been on a roller coaster . Lots of highs and a few really hard lows. Not uncommon because it's life... We aren't promised that everything will be smooth sailing . What really caught me off guard was some old patterns in the emotional eating department. Ughhh ... I thought I'd conquered that issue. Well friends, I'm human 😉.  

My weight loss journey is just that, a journey. A journey that I'll be on while I'm on this side of heaven. I'd felt really good losing 70 pounds and keeping it off for 5 years. Yay me!! Well two years ago an old back injury reared its head . It wasn't pretty. I wasn't able to workout, and was in a great amount of pain for over year. At this point I'd gained 5 pounds but felt comfortable. ( As comfortable as one can be with lifelong body image issues).  

Last year my back was much better, but I did not make working out a priority. We had lots of vacations, work trips and way to many taco and margarita nights. All-inclusive trips are amazing but when you have several back to back, the weight can sneak up on you quickly. And then emotional eating from some hard family stuff .  Add on another 5-8 pounds, which in my mind feels like 100 pounds. At this point I'm realizing a few things and made some healthy mind shifts . So here it goes ! My tips for a better body mindset!

Love yourself 💗💞 . Every ounce of your beautiful self . Don't let the scale or dress size determine how you feel. It's ok to have some set backs. What's important is learning to adjust and learning to love each day your given.  Realize your Gorgeous and beautifully made.😍

Bahamas's 2016 #owningmybody #selflove  

Bahamas's 2016 #owningmybody #selflove  



Get your body moving . Whatever that looks like for you. A quick walk. Squats while brushing your teeth ( yes in the mornings I do a few barre moves while getting ready). Find an exercise you LOVE ❤️ Hiking, walking, running, yoga, it doesn't matter .Life is way to short to hate exercising. Our bodies are designed to move. Find something that makes you smile . LET IT FLOW!! I absolutely love yoga, and am getting back on the mat! 

Yoga flow and glitter toes     Last tip is in the food department. Find a plan that works for you. I have done every diet on the market. I didn't want to spend my life consumed with counting  carbs, calories and points. I've learned what foods serve my body and which ones don't. I love how my body feels when I give it the right fuel. I've learned to be more aware of my emotional triggers. I KNOW numbing with food will never be the answer. I know if I slip up it's OK. I'll get back up again ✌🏻

Yoga flow and glitter toes


Last tip is in the food department. Find a plan that works for you. I have done every diet on the market. I didn't want to spend my life consumed with counting  carbs, calories and points. I've learned what foods serve my body and which ones don't. I love how my body feels when I give it the right fuel. I've learned to be more aware of my emotional triggers. I KNOW numbing with food will never be the answer. I know if I slip up it's OK. I'll get back up again ✌🏻

Green Smoothie #10daygreentox #nomakeup #loveyourself

Green Smoothie #10daygreentox #nomakeup #loveyourself

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Busy Busy Summer

Wow.. what a summer! Normally we have a laid back slow pace... BUT... not this one! This one was EPIC!!  So much to share so will do some individual blogs on each trip! 

We started with achieving the top Level of my company . Plus got to spend a week in Laguna Beach ! 

Then when getting home from California we flew out the next day for my son's Destination Wedding!! Mexico for a week with ALL MY LOVES 💞💕💗. 

Baby boy and the LOVE of his life 💞💕 

Baby boy and the LOVE of his life 💞💕 

We also had a quaint "legal" ceremony back in the states! It was just as beautiful!! 

PLUS we added in a trip to Florida where the hubs made some amazing advancements with his spinal cord injury ( videos and whole blog to come on that experience!!)

Mad love for each of you!  Thanks for allowing me to share our adventures with you!! More to come on that !! We've got Bahamas, NYC, Maui and Vegas!!   I will leave you with this... LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE 💞💗💕💞

To Selfie, Or Not To Selfie

Alright my friends, I just watched the most funniest video. I was crying it was so funny!! There may have been a few tears of truth mixed in too!!

The Instagram Husband!!

Confession time I have been this wife. Who am I kidding? I still am!! Maybe not as extreme as the video, but I have my moments!!

I LOVE pictures! I LOVE capturing life's moments to relive them! I LOVE having my picture taken! I LOVE every bit of it. If I'm having a great hair day, my makeup is perfect and the lighting makes me feel like a Supermodel, by all means, take my picture. If I'm snuggled up, hair on top of my head, glasses on and my dog is in my lap, snap away!!

I have over 9300 photos on my camera right now! I can't bear to delete them! 

The struggle for me is trying to capture the moment versus being PRESENT in the moment!


I want to be present and FULLY enjoy the moment, no distractions and EXPERIENCE LIFE, but then again I want to,  a year from now,  look back and relive the memory!! 

I just don't know where to draw the line. So in the meantime,  if I feel like taking a selfie, I WILL. And if I FEEL like driving my husband crazy making him take pics, I WILL. And if I decide that it's a moment I need to "just be in" I will turn off the phone. Secretly wondering if I should take a pic!!!


Bikini Bod in 14 Days!

OK, so let's keep this real. Let's just say maybe you totally got sidetracked with your New Year's resolution and you were going to start losing weight and getting healthy last Monday and the Monday before and the Monday before. Now the birds are starting to chirp,  flowers are blooming and Old Navy has their shorts out.  I'm feeling you!!

Here's what I want you to know: It's OK,  It's fine, I get it.

TODAY is a new day!!  Let's take all that frustration, shame and guilt about not starting and TOSS IT!! TODAY we are going to jump start you! You like that sound of that?! I sure do!!!

Moving ON – I have the PERFECT easy button for you!

14 Day Detox

What the what is this?!

It's a simple plan that will get you back on track. We are going to eliminate some foods that don't serve you, and ADD the foods, minerals and nutrients your body is CRAVING!! We are going to make it SUPER EASY in a special package deal!!

Here's a glimpse at how we are going to JUMP START you with our 14 DAY DETOX CHALLENGE !

1. Water!!

Your body NEEDS it! Trust me on this. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Example: If you weigh 160lbs you will drink 80 oz of water. The best way to kick this off is chug a lug at least 12 oz first thing in the morning!

2. Rise and Shine detoxers

Need some energy to jolt you out of bed and keep you from "running late”?  Arbonne Energy Fizz will be your new best friend.

3. Arbonne's vegan protein shake

Replace 1 meal a day with this yummy shake! (get in my belly good!!) If you don't like to cook, or tend to grab and go at lunch, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND having 2 shakes a day!

4. Sensible healthy meal and snacks

I will have some really quick and easy recipes for you! And a TIP sheet if you like to eat out.

5. Absolutely no eating/binging after 8pm

This gives your body time to process and reset!


Please try and remove all electronic devices and go to bed! No mindless Facebook scrolling. Your body needs SLEEP! At least 7-8 hours of sleep a night! You will be AMAZZZED! Plus, you aren't dragging bootie in the morning!!

Ok friends.... Now you KNOW this is going to be simple and easy!! I just need you to COMMIT to giving your body a 14 day reset!!

  Let's do this!!

The Girl Behind The Blog << My Story

Hey y'all! I am Gena Fryar – a small town girl with a huge heart. I had the pleasure of marrying my high school sweetheart, Billy, over 20 years ago. We have one son named Dillon. He is in college and engaged to be married this summer. I retired as an RN before the age of 40. We are now empty-nesters , travelling and LOVING every minute of life! 

My passion is helping others walk in their greatness because I spent so much of my life not walking in mine and not fulfilling my dreams. I had no idea what my purpose was and spent my days in survival mode working just to get by.

Then the unthinkable happened. The love of my life was in a car wreck and left paralyzed from the waist down. Immediately, overnight I became the primary breadwinner in our family. This happened to be the week my husband was getting a promotion, our son was starting kindergarten in a private school, and we were going to be closing on our dream home. Shifting from a two income home to a one income home overnight was NOT on my radar.

We had no Plan B.

I threw myself into my nursing career working 60 to 80 hours a week. I did that for six solid years before realizing something had to give. I was burnt out on life, marriage, and missed being a mommy!! During this time I became severely overweight. I had always battled my weight, but at this point it was completely out of control. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, and put on several medications.

All of this propelled my journey to health. I decided to start taking care of me. I lost 70 pounds by eating clean and using Arbonne essentials. If I could do this with my crazy, hectic lifestyle anyone could. I was able to build my Arbonne business around my career, replace my income and retired from nursing 6 years ago.

My life is completely different now – I work from home, I get to travel and have fun. My days are full of happiness and joy. I have finally been able to find "me". Best of all, I get to help others realize they can have a beautiful transformation and start living their dreams too!

My life isn't all rainbows and unicorns, BUT it's pretty close!!


I'm really looking forward to sharing more with you, and getting to connect & know a little more about each of you! Leave a comment below & introduce yourself!