Why my friends call me Jessica Simpson

Today I want to share a funny story… Why my friends call me Jessica Simpson. First off I think she is absolutely gorgeous, hilarious, a wonderful mother and an incredible business woman. I totally take it as a compliment. Ok to put out my disclaimer first… I grew up in a town of 329 people , no traffic light and they recently closed our post office . I definitely grew up in Smalltown USA. ( and still live here)…We were basic folks growing up. Dining out was going to Western Sizzler.. I didn’t try a lot of new foods until adulthood… Watch my video below and brace yourself for a good laugh. I think laughter is the best medicine. One of the best things you can do is learn not to take yourself so serious. Learn to laugh and roll with life. I promise it is so much more FUN!!

Speaking of Fun, you should totally join my Facebook group… Link below.. Life is to short for boring, and it should also be true when you are jumping in to your healthy lifestyle. Try new foods, dine at new places, have new experiences. Join me and we will do it together and have lots of laughs.

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